The Caffeinated IV drip

Someone needs to invent one of these for mothers. For the majority of us who at the very least suck down a couple of strong, black cups of JOe first thing in the morning (the required amount to be able to remember my first name), most days are good with a few good cups in the morning and maybe you even make time to brew a quick pot in the early afternoon. But what about those know the ones...where you absolutely feel like you need another cup the INSTANT you throw back the last sip in your mug. Today is one of the those days. I often don't understand my fatigue. For the most part, I get a lot of sleep. Extremely interrupted sleep, but a good amount of it nonetheless. Kids are just exhausting, awake or asleep.

I really wish someone really smart and savvy out there could invent the Caffeinated IV drip for mothers. Our hands are always way too full to be able to actually hold a cup of coffee all day. That's where the drip comes in. Just hook 'er up and you're on full tilt, dusk to dawn. This is what I need.

For now, I'll continue to balance my cup o' survival liquid in my arms with the eight million other things, usually including a kid or two, and all the while that lovely dark, unique smelling liquid spills over everything and burns my arm, black stains on the kids pants and on the floor of the car. But it's all worth it. Until one of you smart scientist type peeps out there does this world a tremendous service, and develops the must needed Caffeinated IV drip.

Please make it versatile too. Occasionally, at the end of a long week, we might want to sneak some wine in there as an alternative. Survival liquid number two.

This mothering thing is great. But none of us can do it alone. Many moms all on one another, usually the moms that are part of big mom groups. Talk each other through their droopy eyes, yawning mid-sentence, joking it up with one another to get through the day. As a mother of four busy ones, and trying to complete a novel, I spend my days either glued to my computer, or juggling small people who have mistaken me for a permanent rag doll. So, since we can't do it alone, but we all aren't cut out to get our fix from social engagements, we need a different kind of friend to offer up continual, unconditional, repetitive support.

The Caffeinated IV drip. Your creation is in my prayers.