Share Your Story

Each month, I'll post a topic and I'd love for you to share your story if you have one related to the topic.

PLEASE only email your story if you are okay with it being posted on my blog! Please note how you want your name listed; such as Amy T., Iowa or Anonymous, MN or whatever you want it to say. But please do give me some sort of byline to add at the end of your story should I choose to post it on my blog! I will email you if I post your story so that you can share it with your world.

For APRIL, I want to hear your grocery store stories. Did you kid open twenty boxes of cereal and now you have to buy them? Or did he lie down in the middle of the meat department and start making snow angels on the floor? Or maybe you were brave and took several of the neighbors children with you on a 'quick' errand that turned into the biggest nightmare of your life?

C'mon, I know you have a story. And I want to hear it!

Email your story to me at:

Can't wait!


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