Nothing more to 'Dread'

Sometimes the solution is simple, but we still struggle to make the simple choice.

My daughter has this beautiful curly hair. From a baby, her white curls have been a piece of her personality. But as it grew, despite how lovely it could be when brushed, it started to form dreadlocks. Daily.

The battles began. She wanted nothing to do with a brush, or comb, or pick, or even my fingers. We would soak conditioning treatment on it for an hour. Rinse. Still no good. Every now and then, I'd chase her around the house, trying to brush the hair, her sweet little eyes dripping in salty tears.

It was always a wild, crazy mess. So finally, we chopped it, into a precious little A-line bob.

We've been dread-free ever since. It's even more perfect for her personality. She lets us brush it, and style it, and no tears. We've lost a lot of curls--it's more wavy now--but we gained a happy relationship between her hair and my sanity.

I'm not sure why we waited so long. But I guess some things are just hard to let go, when letting of it means letting go of a chapter of a sweet little life.

Summer Projects

It seems like everyone in our family always has some kind of project going. Or if you're my husband, you have 50 going all at once.

Like this blog; this is my project. A friend recently said to me, "I don't understand writing blogs. Like, who reads them?" As I'd been listening to her about her hours and hours of painting in her house, I was thinking the words back to her 'Why paint your bedroom? Like, who sees it?' But what I actually responded to her was, "I don't know. I guess I read it. I think my Mom and Dad do. Maybe Stan occasionally." Good thing God blessed me with a filter so my smart-ass remarks appear in writing instead of out of my mouth! And I really am glad that she is so happy with her painting projects. But that is just it, we get a little bit fiesty about our projects, don't we? We defend them to the death. They are our babies.

Anyway, my point is, we have projects because they feel good to us. We like the idea, we sometimes like the process. Other times we feel we've become slave to it. But if we put the correct amount of love and positive affirmations into it, a few 'om's every now and then, we sparkle over the result.

Clare's project right now is painting. She is on the front porch painting one of our hanging flower pots. She's totally into it. She's got an easel, canvas, and smock in full force. She's using different artist tools. I can't wait to see the finished product. I'll post it on our family website when the artiste has completed her masterpiece.

Chloe is into crafts that have to do with animals. She likes quicker crafts. The instant gratification types. I think she and Stan are tracing pictures of animals right now...a slight pause for Stan from his long list of ongoing pursuits.

For me, aside from some writing and to help Clare create a music video this summer, I plan to be ridiculously focused on the vine plants that will hopefully be growing up our front porch. I've tried this for a couple of years, but I think I eventually forgot they needed water. So here are the two most promising areas of the porch now, with baby sprouts beginning to grow up the porch. I'll post it again at the end of the summer and we'll see how I did on this project. We'll see if my thumb is as green as my grass!