Raining Glitter

I swear I can't leave the house unsupervised for five seconds.

My oldest daughter is having the busiest end of school year I have ever known or even imagined in my 40 years. Every day there is something. So, today there was a short presentation and my oldest daughter really wanted me there for it, but I had the two little home and the 1st grader was sick.

So, I begged my husband to work from home for the morning, and that I would bribe(yes, as in with money) our 7-year old to 'babysit/entertain' the littles while I was gone for a very short hour and a half. He agreed, then disappeared upstairs to work, where apparently he stayed the entire time I was absent.

I came home to a house full of glitter.

All over the floor and carpet, sofa and chairs, tables, rugs, all over their stuffed animals, even in their hair. It looked like the roof of the house had opened up and it rained glitter.

Leaving for an hour and a half lead to two hours of clean up.

I guess that's what I get for leaving a seven-year old in charge.