Get this book - unless you're all "rainbows and unicorns."

I just have to share the book these women wrote. I really wanted to write this book, but they did instead. But I can't hate them for beating me to it, because they are too darn funny, and that scores pretty high in my book (ha! no pun intended.) They're all bloggers, by the way, and since we all have so much spare time to just sit around reading blogs all day(not), you may as well just go ahead and put them on your list so you don't have to use that spare time researching blogs you should read in your spare time.

The book is titled, 'I Just Want to Pee Alone'.

Are you relating already? (Don't worry, the link to buy the book is just a few paragraphs away)

These women are so freaking hilarious that even if you did have the chance to pee alone, you might not make it to the bathroom. Yes, it is 'pee your pants', laugh-out-loud, read-over-another-mom's-shoulder funny. So since most of us didn't do the required number of kegels (but lie and say we did), you might just want to read it while on the toilet; assuming you actually do sneak away for a few precious moments of alone time. (Is that sad; I mean that we'll take alone time at the drop of a hat, even if it is in the bathroom?)

Anyway, the reason I love these ladies is because they don't take themselves too seriously, they pile on the sarcasm, don't give a hyena's hoot what other mother's think of them, willingly throw the f*bomb here and there, and pretty much let you know right off the bat that if you don't like what they write, you can just take your little prissy self somewhere else where they sip tea with their pinky in the air, never forget to cross their legs, and talk about their perfect children while those children are out throwing firecrackers into the neighbors car.

These ladies are my kind ladies. They inspire the H out of me. So, if you like to laugh, and appreciate motherhood for what it really is (I mean, let's be honest here, c'mon), get this book! Do yourself a favor, Momma. Don't you deserve a laugh today?


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