Where in the H did my quiet go?

Last week, my hubby ran off with the three girls to South Carolina, and left me home with two-year-old little man. For SEVEN DAYS and SIX NIGHTS. Heaven, did I hear you knocking? Hello? Oh, hello Heaven.

So, I was stuck home(poor me) with only one of my four children and no other human around, and I was spared the usual of the daily routine, like fighting, and making a meal only to hear the words "I don't like that", and I only heard a little whining when I wasn't giving little man 100 percent of my attention.

One of the best of all things: I didn't cook a darn thing. I microwaved, but I don't dare call that cooking (even though I kind of think it is) because the Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray types would dust me in that argument. So anyway, I was not necessarily "cooking" (but I did feed my child) and therefore, dishes were limited, laundry was null, and I spent a lot of time purging all of the crap out of the house, and making it all nice and purty for when everyone returned (to just mess it up again). I also read a lot. I slept a lot too, but not enough.

Because best of all, was the quiet. I wanted to cherish the quiet.

When little man went to bed at night, I knew he was a goner. No waking up wanting any stupid water, or another freaking banana. He was toast. Tired little dude. And the night was mine. Mine alone. I got to enjoy this super rare thing that I darn near forgot about, called quiet. My new most favorite thing in the entire world (except my family, of course, because I have to say that), but yes, quiet. My favorite thing in the whole world.

In fact, that's what I'm going to start asking for my birthday, and Christmas, and anything else anyone ever asks what I want. I'm going to reply, "I would love some quiet. What a precious gift that would be."

Seriously, just wrap me up some quiet with a great big bow. It would be the best gift I've ever received.

So, of course, the fastest six days ever went by, and the chaos returned in the form of three giddy little girls, and one really busy husband. The house is an instant disaster, and my quiet is all gone. And I just want it back. NOW!

But, dream big, I suppose, because slowly all the life bursting with enthusiasm and screaming around me will sink in and become the new normal again. I'll go about my days trying to answer everyone talking to me all at once while I pick up the eight million things that don't belong on the floor.

Quiet is gone. Not forever, but gone for now. I miss it already. Pretty heartbroken, actually.

So, until we meet again, possibly in Heaven, who knows. I love you, Quiet. With all my heart. When in the H can you come back? Not soon enough!


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